The older male dating experience on OK Cupid

Kent Johnson
2 min readJan 11, 2022

It is fairly Kafkaesque.

Pictures of walls
Pictures of flowers
Pictures of the Eiffel Tower
Pictures of Dogs
Pictures of cats
Sideways pictures
Pictures of her in massive sunglasses

Then there are pictures of actual women
Does anyone see a pattern here?

For the record, it’s not that women are overweight. It’s what it says about them. Namely, that for whatever reason, they can’t control what they put in their mouths. It’s very telling.

Men are pretty simple. We are asking ourselves two questions.
1) Am I sexually attracted to her?
2) Is she interesting to me?

It seems to me that women are writing profiles to attract other women. Strange but true. I hate to break it to you but this is not the place for virtue signalling.

To take this a bit further, I take sex off of the table. I ask myself, if sex is off the table, what would this person and I talk about and do? Very few women have considered this question and, as a result, do not have anything resembling a compelling answer. I am the table. Meh.

Back to OK Cupid. If you don’t care to post a decent picture of yourself, it sends a crystal clear message into the ether that you don’t respect yourself and the bar is super low. THAT is why douchebags are flooding your inbox. It’s that simple.

Own it.

Stay with me here. Imagine the man you want. Close your eyes. Get in his skin. Use your imagination. Are we there? Now imagine him viewing your profile on OK Cupid. Are you recoiling now? Vomiting?

If that doesn’t work for you, imagine your son entering the dating world. Have I got your attention now? Funny how that works.

What kind of women do you want for your son? Now look in the mirror. What have you shown him?

The next date you go on, imagine this man is your son and you want the best women for him. Are you that woman?

I didn’t think so.

Next up, I will focus on male behavior in dating as a follow up to