Men pursue. Women choose. Believe it!

Kent Johnson
2 min readJan 10, 2022


If you’re a guy and you’ve dated you and had a relationship or three, you might have noticed something.

When a women likes you she makes it easy for you. Think about that.

If she doesn’t, it’s like pounding sand. As guys, we often think we have something to do with whether or not she likes us. This is rarely the case, at least in the beginning of a relationship! If you really stop and think about this it should take a lot of pressure off of you and make you put it back where it belongs, on you chasing excellence in and for yourself!

Stay in your own lane.

If you’re on a date and the women is not giving you attraction cues, you should probably cut your losses and walk away smiling. Truly. It’s just that simple.

If she does like you and is giving you attraction cues and making it easy for you then you need to take a deep breath and decide whether or not you want to step up. I mean this. This is where a lot of guys blow it because they left their own lane before she chose you and your eye is not fixed squarely on the ball.

If she’s handing you the ball and you’re not focussed on making her life better, you are in for a world of hurt down the road, for you and her.

To quote officer Zavala from End of Watch. “She said, can you live without her? If the answer is yes, man up and forget her. Don’t string her along.”

This is the epitome of staying in your own lane.

I’m talking about dating healthy women, not 304s. Many people have fluid boundaries and will tempt you to leave your lane and enter theirs. Resist this at all costs. When you leave your lane you are also leaving your masculine frame. That frame is the one thing women need and want, despite what they say (endlessly).

I know it can be tempting to run game but you are just postponing the inevitable. Do you really have time for that? Is it making you a better person? I think not.