Wow. Just, wow.

You are a really good writer.

I will say this. Men are simple. We NEED:

1) Respect (this one is ridiculously hard for modern women for some reason)

2) Companionship (the main thing we have in common)

3) Sex (In the service of companionship)

This can be illustrated with an example of a "Simple statement of desire". When a woman says "I want you." something is triggered deep within a man and this will bring out all of the best masculine features. Creativity, planning, crisp execution, romantic feelings, etc.

When a woman adds ANYTHING else to this statement us men immediately get manipulation warning bells and this brings out all of the worst masculine traits. "If you want to see me then I might want to see you" or "You mentioned last Thursday that you might be free this Friday so I went ahead and made plans for us". Manipulation is disrespectful and this is why men hate it so much. Women LOVE this stuff!

Both of these examples will wither even the strongest erection. It is so simple and yet women can't grasp it.

Letting a man lead is one thing. Letting a man lead and then checking up on him 5 minutes later is entirely different. You're not letting him lead. You are robbing him and yourself.

Just an artist