These are great tips. very well done!

The main problem is that this is simply the first step. Where I live (SF Bay Area) I rarely see women I even want to approach romantically.

They are masculine land whales.

What I have found is that modern women are still drawn to masculine men but then they self-sabotage it by being masculine or just plain stupid. I realize that we are talking about the public but still...

Climbing in the gym. A woman I find attractive sees me and compliments me to her friend. I observe her checking me out for two hours. After the session I approached her confidently and said hello. and introduced myself. She was absolutely tongue tied.

I stood up and said "See you around.". It HAS to be a dance and there HAS to be reciprocity. if I had done anything more it would have been dipping into dysfunction on our first encounter. No, thanks.

The "problem" is that this was the first attractive women I had seen on months. It creates a scarcity mindset. I am well aware of this and I resist that fear.

Stay strong, Kings!

Just an artist