Thank you.

Oh, I totally get it. I was also being somewhat tongue in cheek.

Men can be tone deaf, no doubt about it.

Let me tell you a story. I was climbing in my local gym. I noticed a single (very cute) woman climbing with her female partner next to where my partner and I were climbing. I overheard her compliment my climbing to her partner. I also saw her checking me out repeatedly during our climbing session.

The body language was there.

At the end of the session I waited until she was alone and politely approached her and introduced myself. I looked her right in the eye. I was kind, confident and strong.

It was like talking to a developmentally challenged child. She didn’t say much and didn’t even tell me her name. I stood and said “I’ll see you around!”
Where I live (SF Bay Area) women who are not obese are extremely rare. Feminine women are ever more rare.

It used to be that I would have assumed that I did something wrong. This is what society conditions men to think. I didn’t do anything wrong. If anything she was probably asking herself why I didn’t pursue harder.

These are the same women that are online screaming “Where are all the good men?”

All she had to do was talk to me and communicate. That’s it. That is too much to ask of women in 2021. Mark my words, somehow this is men’s fault! It’s sick.

Just an artist

Just an artist