Naw. Move to find women? Fuck no! They aren't worth it. The Juice is NOT worth the squeeze!

It's interesting to me how aware women are of their own SMV. In the Bay Area where most men are simps and most women are obese it relieves women from the pressure to stay fit (low self worth also play a big role).

Over the hill in Santa cruz where most men are in low paying jobs it is a very different story. Women are very fit and looking for well paid guys. It's common to see a hot woman with a dope smoking construction worker (no shade on either party).

San Francisco is the same in that because so many men are gay. Women feel the pressure and respond. Women in SF are fit and feminine or the exact opposite. No middle ground.

Women are basic AF. So predictable.

There are amazing women out there. They are very rare. To your point, you MUST be ready if the time comes! I've had several near misses with amazing women. I call those good experiences.

Just an artist

Just an artist