I respectfully think you are wrong. Most women only date up. That is a fact.

Most men don't care about a woman's career or checkbook. We admire those things (just like we would in a man). I can't tell you how many successful women I have dated who are in their masculine frame, even on a first date.

I had a female executive tell me on our first date that "I think men find me intimidating". I certainly didn't. What put me off was that she was cold and masculine, despite being beautiful. She kept wanting to have a dickout contest with me. SMH.

I'll be masculine (which women grudgingly love) and you be feminine (which all men want openly).

Women need to relearn that feminine energy is extremely strong and men find it very attractive. Feminists told you that femininity was a dirty word and that it equated to a power imbalance. Not men.


Just an artist

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