I don't hear a lot of ownership. The first time you slept together you were hammered. It's not totally clear how that is his fault? You felt sick afterwards. Hmm, did you stop and think? No. But you agreed to meet him again.

That is ALL ON YOU! No one else.

YOU ignored the red flags and kept going. You tried to break up with him? Why didn't you DO it?

Yep, and here comes the passive language: "After the relationship ended"....

After the relationship ended you continued to drink too much and sleep around. That is on you, no one else.

"My only priority was men." And Tyler has a sex addiction? Hmmmm. Perspective is a funny thing.

Who owns your emotions? You do.

Who owns your body? You do.

Who owns your decisions? You do.

Again the passive language. "Nobody's gravity should ever hold us back."

It was just you and Tyler. That "gravity" is inside of you. No one else. If you can't resist "gravity" then you need to get into therapy. You were broken before Tyler and you're still broken.

I will join the others in applauding your very first half-step. You need to start owning your own happiness. It belongs to you. No one else.

For the record, this guy a broken douchebag but you can't control that. All you can control is yourself.

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