Everyone should have a good sense of their self worth. Working on yourself to make yourself better should always be a goal.

What many people fail to realize, however, is that the sexual marketplace is a market. In a market, prices and value are set by the market, not by the seller.

Said another way if you say you are amazing and 99 out of 100 guys say you are not, who is right and who is wrong? We all have to answer this question for ourselves but saying the market doesn't exist is just silly.

As a man, I think you might be confusing desperation with availability. Men want women who make themselves available, not desperate women. There's a HUGE difference.

There's a third ingredient you left out. Being a bitch.

If you want a man to lead, Let him lead. So many modern women simply can't do this. They have to second guess and hen peck. You are not letting him lead. If a masculine guys sees this he will simply walk away smiling.

And no healthy guy will do anything other than be appreciative of you enforcing your boundaries.

Just an artist